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Bicec Bank is recruiting

BICEC Bank is an international banking institution with headquarters in Cameroon. The bank has recently announced that they are recruiting for three new positions: a Database Administrator, a System and Infrastructure Administrator and an Operations Technician.

These roles will be integral to the success of BICEC Bank’s operations as they seek to provide customers with world-class services across its global network of offices.

The Database Administrator role requires experience working with large databases such as Oracle or SQL Server, while the System and Infrastructure Administrator position requires expertise in designing, implementing and maintaining complex IT systems including server infrastructure, networks security protocols etc.. Finally the Operations Technician role calls for technical knowledge related to system administration tasks such as software installation/configuration/troubleshooting; hardware maintenance; backup procedures etc..

All these roles require individuals who possess excellent problem solving skills along with strong communication abilities so that any issues can quickly be resolved without compromising customer service standards. In conclusion it is clear why BICEC Bank needs people who have exceptional qualifications for these specialized positions if it wants to keep providing top-notch services around the globe on an ongoing basis. With their extensive recruitment process ensuring only qualified candidates get hired into each postion this should ensure both quality performance from staff members alongwith customer satisfaction at all times which will lead towards further growth of this already successful organization!

Nb: send only your cv to [email protected]

Database administrator
System and Infrastructure Administrator

Operations Technician

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